I’d rather do hard with you than easy with someone else.
- Quinn to Puck (via puckandquinn)


It was very moving, heartbreaking, and beautiful tribute tonight. I am still sobbing and have been the entire episode. It really is true—-the hardest word to say is goodbye and I know I don’t want to say it, none of us do.

Thank you Cory for all the wonderfulness you brought into our lives. Your handsome smile, your impeccable talent, your graciousness. You’ll always be our Finn. Goodbye Finn Hudson. Goodbye Cory Monteith. We will always love you. We always miss you. ❤


I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to any of the Glee Cast.

I don’t think I ever will be.




This one hurts more than anything ever has hurt me before.


The entire Glee fandom, close your eyes. We’re all sitting in the choir room, holding hands, lighting candles and helping each other get through this.  This is tragic news and we’re a family. We fight and pick sides sometimes, but we’re still a family. 

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